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Biomass Business Plans

Our company’s Principal, Tim Cassidy, has a principal interest in a biomass venture that has both developed programs to grow feedstock for biodiesel and ethanol. We have identified breakthrough technologies for wood cellulosis for ethanol and wood pellet facilities that can to be developed nationwide. 

Our company has consulted and completed many biomass business plans, from waste to energy to biodiesel and ethanol ventures.  There have been many failures in this industry over the last few years, partially due to lowered fuel prices but more so due to the lack of control of feedstock resources. 

Three key areas to be addressed in a biomass business plan are as follows:

Feedstock control – Your company should own or have long-term leases or contracts for the feedstock (corn, Jatropha, soybean, biowaste, animal fat, etc.) used in the conversion process.

Technology – Hopefully in the near future, promising technologies for algae will emerge as well as others, but, for many feedstocks, existing bona fide technologies are available.

Distribution – Demand is strong, but the key is at what price and the cost benefit analysis required as part of extensive due diligence in preparing a bio-fuel business plan to determine if the combination of feedstock, fuel pricing, technology and other factors can result in a market rate price for distribution when fuel prices are at their lowest.

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