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Solar Business Plan Pricing

There are many factors that determine the needed scope of work to accomplish your goals, including how long in business, historical sales, capital invested versus required, your solar services, solar products, services and market segments for your solar business plan, your competition, marketing plans and options and added factors. With a 1-15 minute scheduled call, we can review your goals and available information to establish the scope of work and therefore the defined best price for your solar business plan including these options:

1) Raising capital only on a fully vetted and complete business plan – Fees are deferred until closing, and that includes SBA Funding or Equity. While we can work on a deferred finder’s fee basis when there is a complete and viable Solar Business Plan, we see too many do-it-yourselfers and inexperienced business plan authors to take on many engagements within needing improvements in the many sustainable business plans we receive.

2) Flat Rate is often the case for small to mid-sized Business Plans – For most small to mid-sized solar business plans, such as those seeking an SBA loan, a local bank or investment from interested parties, a shorter 10-12 page Plan is sufficient, plus detailed forecasts (five year forecast, one to two years on month to month basis and notes/assumptions), resume(s) and other items (major purchase orders as one example) as Appendixes. Our price depends on your needs, and all our plans are custom, yet we have completed so many solar business plans, we often have research and regional or market segment specific forecast models as a head start. We can gather info on a phone call, but to further save on our time and fees, we suggest our Questionnaire is best.

3) Mid-sized to Larger Green Business Plans – Plans such as those seeking substantial equity investment, new solar technology business plans, plans involving a multi-tiered national marketing plan and web-based plans with multiple market segments would be more lengthy, detailed and costly. Fees are hourly, flat rate, usually with a cap on costs, with a “Success Fee” tied to your funding goals and our often being involved after we complete your business plan to make that happen!

4) Business Plans for non-profit organizations and social enterprise – (forecasting, market analysis, marketing plans, team building too!) -  We often defer a substantial portion of our fees subject to your success!

Let's chat about which situation is best for you to afford the best in solar business plan development

Payments can be made via PayPal, wire or US Mail as per info on our Contact us page.