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When communicating, E-mail is always best to start and overall, and even our fax is an e-fax, and best address is our CEO’s address,  Voice mail is the norm in to/from, so we always suggest emailing to schedule a call. If your solar business plan is important, as it should be, then effort to communicate should be too.

Some things do have to be mailed or faxed, and calls are so helpful for clarity and confirmation of a solar business plan client's needs, so please email us if any questions and mail payments of $750 or more to Senior Consulting, LLC, 823 West Park Avenue, #256, Ocean, NJ 07712:

Payment Information

  • We gladly accept checks for our services via good old fashioned snail mail to our or via bank wire transfer.
  • For Paypal payments, go to and proceed as follows:

* Enter your E-mail address and password.

* Click on "Send Money" tab.

* Enter in "To:" Box.

* Enter your E-mail Address in "From:" Box.

* Enter amount.

* Click on Service/Other.

* Click on Continue.

* Review your payment details and confirm the transaction until done.