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Energy Conservation

There are a myriad of energy conservation techniques and products that can be literally cost free to consumers and business owners when factoring in energy savings. Conservation involves many different disciplines including the following:

  • Cost benefit analysis of current energy use and HVAC system efficiencies to consider system alternatives, improving efficiency of these systems and metering technologies, building control systems and lighting retrofit as several examples.
  • Weatherization – Lost energy in inefficient homes can be rectified affordably in most cases. An expert energy auditor can identify energy loss areas and provide low cost solutions.
  • New and emerging technologies – Real-time energy monitors and meters are but two of many solutions to effectively reduce energy use and costs.

We have completed business plans for companies that provide energy conservation and auditing services, which is an opportunity for many entrepreneurs nationwide to get into new business at low costs. Training is available nationwide to help support a quality business plan that we can develop for energy conservation and auditing as a standalone business model or complimentary to other businesses, such as a green contractor or companies focused on offering solar services.

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