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Equity Sources

Start ups and expanding solar businesses often require equity capital, from angels or institutions to have a viable solar business plan. This requirement can be aided by an expert analysis of needed solar business plan components. Senior Consulting, LLC can vet the risk and reward aspects of an existing renewable energy business plan with a nuanced understanding of both the entrepreneur’s and investor’s perspectives.  These insights are helpful in editing or drafting a solar business plan for the client’s greatest leverage. As eco-entrepreneurship is a relatively new area of capital investing, it is especially important that solar business plans be carefully vetted by a professional team.

Once the solar business plan is ready, we can also assist clients in raising the equity capital. To aid this work, we have access to thousands of angel investors and have assembled a one-of-a-kind database of over 450 venture capital, institutional and private placement firms.  Each listing in this Microsoft Excel database provides:

  • Senior contacts, mailing address, fax and/or e-mail addresses.
  • Data on types of projects funded, e.g., technology, website, software, retail, and PPA or solar.

For start-up entrepreneurs and savvy business owners, we offer this practical advice on finding an investor:

  • Never put all your eggs into one basket.  In other words, hold discussions with a number of equity partners, and accept the first good-to-great one.
  • Avoid exclusivity until you get a bona-fide equity commitment that may have addressable conditions. 

How our equity database can help you meet your goals and objectives:

  • Utilizing our database, Senior Consulting can directly approach investors with a bona-fide renewable energy and solar business plan to establish interest, provide a nexus between client and investor, and provide help negotiating terms and conditions of an equity investment agreement that is comfortable to the client. 
  • For experienced executives and entrepreneurs, we will consider a one-time sale of our database so that companies can directly seek investors. However, that our team is highly qualified to work on your behalf by making initial approaches with investors and prioritizing your discussions with them.  This frees you to mind the day-to-day details of running your green business or, for start ups, meeting other job responsibilities until funding is secured.

Ask us for more information on how to achieve your goals for your green business plan.