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Marketing Plan

There are several critical components needed for a successful solar business plan, including a Market Analysis that includes a competitive analysis, market share and market penetration assessment and collectively provides the support for revenue assumptions in viable solar business plan forecasts.  It is also critically important to have an executive and key employee team that includes a commitment from principals in a smaller solar business plan to a depth of talented and experienced marketing professionals in larger solar business plans, to accomplish the goals and efforts expressed in a solar marketing plan, and, therefore, the solar business plan itself.

While a solar marketing plan will vary substantially according to many factors, there are several key areas that usually need to be included:

* As our parents and grandparents told us, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” by having only one sole or primary directive.  Be sure your solar marketing plan includes many directives from direct marketing to Web site SEO to advertising and the solar business plan includes the resources to carry them out.

* Be sure that you not only have the right staff undertaking the solar marketing plan but also define that staff and duties within the solar business plan.

* Marketing Budget – Be sure your solar business plan has a standalone discussion, if not an Excel spreadsheet on your marketing budget that is integral to a successful solar marketing plan.

* Branding – How will you establish your brand?  How important is that to your business model?  Again, depending on the type of business, this may need extensive discussion in a solar marketing plan.

* For solar business plans that depend on Web traffic, the solar marketing plan needs discussion of how that traffic will be built, who will be responsible and the various efforts to be made.

Of course, there are many other components of a successful solar marketing plan, with an analysis of solar business plans received from entrepreneurs typically not having the marketing to support their forecasted assumptions.  Keep in mind that your solar marketing plan and your executives and key employees drive your business from sales of solar services to products, and if the solar marketing plan is insufficient, the forecasts will be deemed to be unrealistic by lenders and investors.

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